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Lower School Concludes Mathletics Competition

For nearly a month, first through fourth-grade students have been honing their computation skills for a shot at the Lower School “March Mathness” Mathletics championship. After weeks of facing off against their peers, Ms. Bentrup’s class took home the winning title with a total of 347,614 points that they earned over the entire "tournament."

The award-winning online program Mathletics encourages students to utilize their arithmetic curricula in fun, interactive ways through online activities, challenges, skill quests, and live practices. By creating a level of competition, the platform enables students to independently apply their knowledge while engaging with the material in an entertaining way. For example, each correctly answered activity prompt earns students 10 points, and each test response garners 20 points. As points are accrued, students can see where they rank on the Mathletics “Hall of Fame,” further enticing them to continue their progress. 

Another attention-grabbing aspect of the program is the live fact practice.This feature enables students to connect with classmates, schoolmates, and even other students on a global scale. Challenges and lessons are set to each student’s proficiency level to ensure fair play, giving players free rein to compete. At one point, ESD assumed the first 35 spots nationwide in the Mathletics Hall of Fame for the time spent and points accrued on the platform. 

Internally, first through fourth-grade classes faced off to see who could attain the most points. As students raked them in, some classes excelled further than others, carrying them onto the next round of playoffs. The finals were the winner-takes-all moment for Ms. Bentrup’s class, as her kiddos took the lead when competing against Mrs. Guzik’s class. Both first and second place winners were awarded with a cupcake party on March 7, and both classes received certificates to recognize a job well done. 

In total, ESD Elementary students had 10,692 platform sign-ins, over 3,382 hours of time spent on Mathletics, more than 3,000,000 points in activities and skills, and 350,000-plus points in live practice. Later in the school year, the Mathletics program will reveal the “top ten” students on the platform, and they will receive awards for their dedicated work.