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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Langston Family Establishes Named Endowment to Ensure ESD Vibrancy

Maggie and Greg Langston P' 18, '19, '22, '25 speak to supporting ESD's endowment:

What inspired your family to make a gift to The Campaign for The Episcopal School of Dallas?

How could we not show our gratitude to a school which catered to the personalities and needs of each of our four children? Lauchlin, Story, Carson, and Vaughn each have had a unique and rewarding ESD journey. We want to make ESD strong - in anticipation of all future Langstons!

What appealed to you about giving to the endowment?

Building the endowment guarantees the future of ESD. Our hope is that a diploma from ESD increases in value. By investing in the future of the school, we protect the reputation and prestige of our own children's education and that of future students.

Please describe the purpose of your endowment fund -

Our endowment fund will be unrestricted. We want the funds generated to best serve ESD's needs each year.

What advice would you offer to inspire others to consider establishing an endowment fund?

Looking to the future, when our children tell a prospective employer they attended ESD, we want the school to be as distinguished as or stronger than today. Costs will continue to rise. A vibrant endowment will ensure the school's ability to continue on an upward climb.