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Junior Youth & Government Earn Distinguished Delete, Best Overall Media Coverage

Written by Sarah Havins, Middle School History Teacher and Youth & Government Sponsor.

Twenty one delegates, two reporters, twelve legislators, four State Affairs teams, three chair/clerk teams, one candidate for Speaker of the House, two band-aids, five peppermints for nerves, countless bills, proposals, questions, and amendments. Youth & Government District Conference math is tricky, but it always adds up to the same thing: a Saturday full of fun, learning, and civic pride!

Our largely rookie Junior Y&G Delegation represented ESD proudly at the District Conference on Saturday, November 13, at Duncanville High School. Dressed to impress in their spiffiest business attire, they were active participants in their committees. They presented, questioned, debated, amended, and ultimately voted whether or not to pass legislation on every topic ranging from class sizes to care for healthcare workers to the ethics of the death penalty. Our media team interviewed future leaders of the program and wrote articles about the day’s activities.

Our passionate delegation not only impressed their advisors but gained recognition from the whole conference. One of our chair/clerk teams was chosen to lead the General Assembly at the end of the day. One of our eight grade delegates made the ballot for Speaker of the House. One of our Legislators earned the Distinguished Delegate title for her committee. And our Media team swept the awards, winning for their individual categories and for best overall media coverage! Most importantly, we made it through a long, grueling day and came out the other side with smiles and valuable experience. 

If you see any of the following delegates on campus, be sure to congratulate them on their hard work and success at the conference.

Harrison ’26

Arya ’26

Boone ’26

Guru ’27

Arden ’26

Maggie ’26

Wendy ’27

Zachary ’28

Micah ’26

Jeffrey ’27

Josephine ’27

Jordan ’27

Caroline ’26

Mariam ’26

Maggie ’26

Maddie ’26

Coco ’26

Josh ’26

Mimi ’26

Emory ’27

Elle ‘26