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January Sky Watch Report with Mr. Lutken

Happy January and Happy New Year, Eagles! Retired faculty member and administrator Mr. Lutken offers guidance on what to expect in Mother Nature this month.

What a wild year 2021 was! Fingers crossed for a good 2022... Happy (cold) New Year to everybody!

Evening Skies: 

Hope you saw Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn close together in the west in December! Venus is speeding towards the sunset and will pass into the morning sky soon. 

The Winter Hexagon is in full view most of the night. It includes some of the brightest stars in the sky: Capella, Sirius, Procyon, and Rigel. The constellation Orion is just inside it!

Full Moon is on the 17th.

Morning Skies:

The Big Dipper is high in the Northern Sky and the bright star Arcturus is right overhead. Vega, a beautiful summer star, is peeking over the northeastern horizon as the sun comes up!

At the Quarry:

Birds this time of year include so many kinds! Some are regulars, some winter visitors, but all our neighbors now: Hawks, Geese, Ducks, right down to tiny Kinglets! When the world of politics and pandemics gets suffocating, it's time to head outside! You never know what you'll see, but fresh air, open sky, and a quick visit with our neighbors in nature always helps!

Here's a photo of a Great Egret on a cold winter day a few years back. They are easy to spot at the quarry and other lakes and streams. No wonder they are the symbol of the National Audubon Society! PKL