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It’s a Wrap on Another Successful Year of March Mathness!

It was March Mathness time in the lower school, and it was another slam dunk! As students were populating their brackets, the Mathletics Hall of Fame showed that ESD lower school held the top four class places in the USA, and five students were in the top 10 in the country. One of our third graders was ranked 79 in the world on that day. And the accolades kept rolling in all month. 

In addition to one of our second-graders reaching the top spot in the country on World Math Day, more than a dozen individuals showed up on the Mathletics Hall of Fame list at some point during the month. “I think the friendly competition that takes place during March Mathness challenges students to learn and grow,” said Lower School Math Coach Zora Skelton. “It is a fun time, and I’m proud of all of our students. This internal event sparks a passion for math that I hope they carry with them.”

For more than seven years, ESD first through fourth-grade classes have challenged themselves in our friendly March Mathness competition. To participate, students complete assigned activities and skill quest challenges or compete in live challenges on the Mathletics website. 

Wilder's fourth graders were ESD's eventual champions after 41 days of competition, and Boyce’s first graders offered up some tough competition. Both classes were treated to special March Madness cupcakes courtesy of SAGE. 

ESD's Mathletics March Mathness numbers are impressive! Here are the final totals:

  • Number of Sign-ins: 3,053 

  • Time spent working on math problems: 980 hours

  • Activity Points: 426,790

  • Skill Quest Points: 426,690

  • Live Math Points: 362,173

  • Grand Total: 1,215,653 for our Eagles!