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Hamlin and Vig Lead the Graduating Class to 100% Parent Participation in Annual Giving for the First Time in School History

A new first has been achieved: 100 percent of the 104 families in the senior class made a gift to The ESD Fund. Collectively, the 2023 parents donated more than $150,000 to honor ESD, the faculty who teach and care for our children, and the students who will accept an ESD diploma on May 19. This achievement is unprecedented in the history of ESD.

Class of 2023 parents Sarah Hamlin and Carol Vig '89 led the charge. Their tactic? Lead with gratitude.

“When I found out Carol was doing it, I knew I had to do it,” said Hamlin. “We decided to approach the campaign in the spirit of gratitude. I strongly felt that everyone could come up with at least one person, one moment, or one experience that they were grateful for. We wanted our voices to be heard. We sent four emails and then started texting.”

“This is the last year that the two of us are ESD parents, and we asked our fellow parents to take our bold challenge,” continued Vig. “We wanted to be the first Senior Class in ESD history to attain 100 percent participation in The ESD Fund. Giving to your child’s academic institution isn’t terribly exciting; it doesn’t come with a bow or a gift, but it feels right.” 

Twelfth-grade parents thanked Carol and Sarah for making it special and for being driven to give to the school that has given their children so much. Others joined in helping. The development office provided support as well. 

“What did we do when we learned 100 percent had participated?” said Vig. “Cue the waterworks. I want the kids to know what it takes for the parents to help - tuition leaves a gap, and their parents want to help fill it. Hopefully, the students will feel like they can pay it forward. Giving feels good.”

The last class to achieve 100 percent parent participation was the 24-family Beginner class in 2018-19. In 2017-18, 100 percent of the families in lower school made a gift. 

When asked what they would change, they offered a noteworthy suggestion. When parents make a gift, invite them to include why they are grateful for ESD. They also hope future graduating class parents will aspire to reach 100 percent as well.

“We had a great time,” said Hamlin.

Hobson Family Head of School Dave Baad remarked: “The unanimous participation by all families, regardless of whether their children entered as beginners or in high school, shows your overwhelming love, support, and appreciation for your child’s experience.”

Thank you, Sarah and Carol. Thank you to the Class of 2023. In a bold challenge that led with thanksgiving, we are grateful for you.


To learn more about The ESD Fund, please visit