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Fourth Grade Joins AP Psych for Brain Practical
ESD AP Psych Studies Brain

Advanced Placement Psychology students study the biological bases of behavior: function of neurons, nervous system, endocrine system, genetics, evolutionary psychology, and neuroanatomy. Last week, the upper schoolers invited fourth graders to witness their brain lab practical. The parts of the brain on the practical were the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe, hippocampus, hypothalamus, thalamus, pituitary gland, cerebellum, and brainstem.

“I was amazed at how much the fourth graders knew about the brain and all of their curious questions,” said Amy Henderson, AP Psychology Teacher and Science Department Chair. “I was surprised about how intrigued they were about looking inside the brain, cerebellum, and brain stem. They really want to hold it, touch it, and explore.”

Fourth-grade teacher Kelley Ayres ’97 agreed, “It was a blast!”

Henderson was not surprised by the students’ reaction, “AP Psychology is my favorite class to teach. The kids love it and are engaged. I’m interested in it because it’s always changing, and there’s always new research.”