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Elementary Students Complete 1,042,560 Problems in Annual March Mathness Competition

For more than six years, ESD elementary students and first through fourth-grade classes have challenged themselves in ESD's friendly March Mathness competition. To participate, students complete assigned activities and skill quest challenges or compete in live challenges on the Mathletics website. This year's "bracket play" began Monday, February 28. Class scores were reported daily, and the bracket winning class advanced to the next round at the end of each week.

The four-week event concluded with the finals held on March 22-23. Wilder's fourth graders captured this year's title (and pizza party) by completing 46,709 tasks within the 24 hour period. Boyce's first graders performed excellently and finished second, completing 40,233.

"This event helps spark a passion for math in our students," said Lower School Math Coach Zora Skelton. "I am proud of everyone who stepped up to take a shot. It's a competition in which everyone wins."

ESD's Mathletics March Mathness by the numbers:

  • Lower schoolers signed onto Mathletics 3,072 times and spent over 844 hours working on problems
  • Total Activity Points = 471,140
  • Total Skill Quest Points = 267,350
  • Total Live Math Points = 304,070