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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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April Sky Watch Report with Mr. Lutken

Spring in Texas is about as off-balance as you can get: wind, thunder, rain, dust, and sunshine... sometimes all in one day! Not to mention continuing disruptions because of the pandemic. 

So where can we go for help in handling it all? Outdoors! 

Evening skies:  This is the best time of year to watch the Big Dipper circling the northern sky.  Use the pointer stars (the two at the front of the cup) to find the North Star, or follow the arc of the Dipper's handle south to the bright star Arcturus, the Bear Hunter. 

The full moon is on the 27th.

 Morning skies: Great planets! Jupiter and Saturn are “morning stars” in the southeast now. Jupiter is bright and easy to spot, Saturn is a little ahead, to the south along the ecliptic.   

The Summer Triangle is overhead now, coming up earlier every day!

Quarry: Great bird watching right now: Geese, Ducks, Herons, and wild and crazy Kingfishers. 

One spring morning long ago, some fifth graders and I watched a Kingfisher really show off: chattering, hovering, and plunging into the water a dozen times or more.  We all cheered and laughed at every dive!! He even came up with a few fish!  

A photo of him is attached... almost holding still.

Nature always finds a way to make us laugh or wonder in spite of all our problems. Just get outside, open your eyes, and listen. Helps you keep your balance!! PKL