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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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92 Students Honored with President’s Volunteer Service Awards

Today we honor 92 upper school students who earned the President's Volunteer Service Award this year. This presentation is a little more than nine minutes long and begins with a brief message from our Director of Community Service Learning, Courtney Phelps, followed by a speech from Blake Fetterman '95, Executive Director of The Salvation Army Carr P. Collins Social Service Center, on the impact and importance of community service. She thanked our students for their commitment to serving others especially during the challenges we've faced during the last year.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors receiving the award today completed at least 100 community service hours this year; ninth graders completed 50 or more hours. Also honored today were students who have received this prestigious award for four consecutive years, thus becoming a four-year recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award. Individually, these students served at least 350 hours both locally and globally during their time in upper school here at ESD. One senior, Zaria Osimetha, logged over 700 hours in her four years of upper school. Collectively, the class of 2021 documented 21,606 hours throughout upper school.

In alignment with ESD's Founding Tenet of Service, these students dedicated their time and energy to serving others in our community and beyond. Please see below for a list of the students who achieved this award. Congratulations, Eagles!

Class of 2021: Jack Breard*, Laura Gillies*, Jake Griffin*, Ally Jeter*, Grace Knudson*, Stephen Matthys*, Susanna Newsom*, Penelope North*, Zaria Osimetha*, Emily Rubin*, Samantha Whiting, and Sumner Wooldridge*

*denotes a Four-Year PVSA Recipient

Class of 2022: Mary Grace Altizer, Emilye Dullye, Victoria Feuer, Ava Finn, Paco Gomez-Quiñonez, Camille Greening, Zachary Habeeb, Annie Heldman, Price Johnson, Gabe Kozielec, Carolyn Langford, Emily Lichty, Mary Lou McMillan, Gina Montagna, Reid Moorman, Virginia Nussbaumer, Stephanie Pfister, Danyal Raza, Mac Rodvold, Sofia Sabella, Dabney Spraker, Vishal Sridhar, Sam Suarez, Kathryn Sullivan, Caroline Teegarden, Avery Vafa, James Wharton, and Alexander Wysk

Class of 2023: Kate Battaglia, Cren Boyd, Blair Brennan, Sanders Chipman, Camille Gravel, Raafae Haq, Ogden Lindh, Hood Mathes, Katherine Mote, Audreann Nelson, Tom Qiu, Camila Rivera, Rohan Schlehuber, Will Searcy, Elisabeth Siegel, Teddy Sparrow, Ashley Stacy, Daniel Sucato, Sophia Ukeni, Bridget Wang, and Alexandra Warner

Class of 2024: Caroline Bagley, Miles Bates, Logan Betts, John Carley, Kristin Doebele, Brayden Girata, Will Grogan, Ben Guerriero, Alex Habeeb, Tristan Hakert, Olivia Hohmann, Nicholas Inglis, Houston Jones, Cara Lichty, Charles Liu, Charlie Massoud, Daniel Matthys, Xander Nelson, Stevenie Nussbaumer, Addison Page, Abby Pickens, Ford Prestidge, Caroline Prestidge, Alex Ramirez, Caden Robert, Ben Rochon, Barrow Solomon, Tessa Stephenson, Slaton Strey, Stephen Swann, and Miles Wooldridge

Watch the Video Presentation Here