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October Sky Watch Report with Mr. Lutken

Sky Watch October:   The Equinox is past, and we are headed into Fall. Hopefully, we'll keep getting these cooler days and some rain in October!

Evening Skies: Great planets to watch:

Right after sunset, Jupiter and Saturn are setting in the west near Sagittarius. Mars is in opposition, rising in the east and bright all night! 

The Summer Triangle is overhead after sunset but will sink lower as fall moves on... 

Two Full Moons in October: the 1st and the 31st....a Blue Moon for Halloween!!

Morning Skies:

Beautiful Planets: Venus high in the east and Mars setting in the west! The winter stars, Orion and company, are high in the morning and come up earlier every day....a good sign!

Quarry: Lots to watch and listen to: 

Jays and Crows chasing Hawks... Ducks moving in from the north soon.....a Screech Owl haunting the twilight.

Monarch Butterflies are starting to show up on their way to Mexico!  

With all the craziness and tension this year, let's all try to head outdoors and let October remind us of what is really important as the season turns! ...........PKL