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Annual Report 2020-21

Together, We Did.

It has been said that if our only prayer was thank you, it would be enough. Sometimes that feels insufficient in light of all that we have been given, with all that we have been entrusted. And, in a year impacted by a pandemic and unrest, we came together to reach new heights – from simple to sometimes profound moments. We shared dragons taking over the lower school, middle schoolers catching and recatching fish in the quarry, and fireworks shining through the downpour at the 2021 graduation. We celebrated new records set, like an alumna winning top honors in NCAA Lacrosse and the completion of ESD's most generous campaign to date. Rising to the challenges, ESD and its community members delivered. 

To the teachers and administrators who have dedicated their careers; to the volunteers who gave their time and leadership; to the donors who ensured that our students, programs, and faculty have the resources required for an exemplary education – thank you. We needed you, our students needed you, and you showed up in amazing ways.

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