ESD seeks to attract a diverse and talented student body and is committed to providing financial assistance to students who qualify. Need-based assistant is granted on the basis of demonstrated need and the availability of fund each year. The majority of ESD’s tuition assistance dollars are allocated for need-based assistance, along with several merit scholarships outlined below.

ISABEL CRANFILL CAMPBELL SCHOLARSHIP FUND for any grade level, dependent of Episcopal clergy – Established by Mrs. David M. Munson, Sr. in 1998 in honor of her mother to support financial aid for children of Episcopal clergy.

THE DR. ANSON L. CLARK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND for new or returning Lower or Middle School students – Established by The Clark Foundation in 1982 to provide permanent support to the ESD scholarship program for qualified and needy candidates to attend the Lower or Middle School.

SENIOR CLASS ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Established in 2009 by the Class of 2009, each Senior Class contributes to this fund annually. This fund provides student financial aid.

HENRY JACKSON CROOK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND for an entering ninth-grade student – Started in 2011, this annual scholarship through CFT awards a maximum of $5,000 per year for an enrolling ESD ninth-grade student. This scholarship requires a separate application.

DECADE III FINANCIAL AID ENDOWMENT – Established as part of the capital campaign that included the construction of the Gail B. and Dan W. Cook III Math/Science/Technology center, this fund provides financial aid for qualified students.

THE FORSYTHE FUND – Established in 1993 by lifetime director Mr. Early Forsythe and his wife, Janet, for financial aid.

MR. AND MRS. BARNEY L. GILES SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Established in 1984 by Mr. and Mrs. Barney Giles to provide a permanent scholarship and financial aid fund.

IDA M. GREEN SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Established from a bequest of the Estate of Mrs. Ida M. Green in 1987 for financial aid endowment.

MARGARET BECK GRINNAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Created in 1983 by Mr. Henry C. Beck, Jr., Mr. Lewis Grinnan, Jr., and Mrs. Neall Grinnan Rose to help defray tuition expenses for deserving students with financial need.

GREGORY YALE GUDIS MEMORIAL FUND – Established in 1985 by Mr. and Mrs. Mal Gudis, family, and friends to honor the memory of Gregory Yale Gudis ’85, this fund provides a program of financial assistance for deserving students with financial aid. PASS IT ON AWARDS for new students entering ninth grade – A $10,000 scholarship awarded to a new ninth-grade student. Up to eight Pass It On Awards may be selected each application year. These scholarships are four-year awards and are designed to assist middle-income families.

WILLIAM CASEY MCMANEMIN FAMILY FINANCIAL AID ENDOWMENT FUND – Created in 2004 by Mr. and Mrs. William Casey McManemin for student financial aid.

PAULA AND JON MOSLE, JR. SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Established in 2000 for financial aid support by Mr. and Mrs. Jon Mosle, Jr. through the Communities Foundation of Texas.

CHRISTY A. AND DAVID CARR NICHOLS SCHOLARSHIP FUND – This scholarship fund was established in 1984 by Ms. Catherine Ann Carr in honor of her children, Christy and David.

SAMUEL ADAM PRINZ MEMORIAL FUND – Created in memory of Adam Prinz’99 by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Prinz, and brother Mr. Andrew Prinz, as well as family and friends, this fund provides student financial aid.

THE SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT FUND – Established in 1976 by The St. Michael’s School or provide financial aid for qualified students.

ANNE PERKINS SHUTT FINANCIAL AID ENDOWMENT FUND – Created in 1985 by lifetime director Mrs. Nancy P. Shutt and her husband Mr. George A. Shutt, and enhanced by memorial gifts from family and friends in 2006-07 in honor of their daughter, this fund serves as an unrestricted scholarship endowment fund, with special consideration given for students of diverse backgrounds, as appropriate.

ST. PHILIP’S SCHOLARSHIP FUND for a graduate of the St. Philip’s School – Established in 1993 by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Halsey to provide financial aid for students of diverse backgrounds, with preference given to graduates of St. Philip’s School.

ST. SIMON’S AFTER-SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUND – This fund offers scholarships for selected students who were part of this program prior to acceptance to ESD.

THE BISHOP AND MRS. JAMES MONTE STANTON SCHOLARSHIP FUND for a graduate of the St. Philip’s School – Established by The Episcopal Foundation in honor of the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas and his wife, this fund provides financial aid support for graduates of St. Philip’s School enrolled at The Episcopal School of Dallas.

DAVID D. STEERE FINANCIAL AID ENDOWMENT – Established by Mr. and Mrs. George A. Shutt, Mrs. Cherie Steere Wells, and friends and family in memory of David D. Steere to provide financial aid endowment.

JOHN M. STEMMONS, JR. MEMORIAL – Established by The Stemmons Foundation in 1991 in memory of Mr. John M. Stemmons, Jr., an ESD Board of Directors member from 1975-80, this fund provides financial aid endowment.

LYNN DUPREE TULL ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP for a new fifth or seventh-grade student – Established in 2004 by Kirk and Nancy St. John Pond in memory of Middle School faculty member Lynn Tull, this scholarship provides tuition support for a Middle School student.

DWIGHT AND VERA DUNLEVIE ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP – Established in 2000 in honor of Mr. Dwight Dunlevie, retired Middle School Head, and enhanced by memorial gifts from family and friends in 2006-07, this endowment provides competitive scholarships for two students in the Upper School.

SEARCY FAMILY ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP – Established in 2009 by Ginny and Conner Searcy, this endowment provides a competitive 4-year scholarship for a student entering the ninth grade.

MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS ENDOWED ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP – Established by friends and family of Mary Elizabeth Williams ’82, this scholarship fund provides financial aid for qualified children of The Episcopal School of Dallas’ alumni.

WOMEN OF ST. MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Established in 1984 by the Women of St. Michael and All Angels Church to provide scholarship financial aid.

WILLIAM AND SYLVIA ZALE FOUNDATION FINANCIAL AID FUND – Established in 2006 by the William and Sylvia Zale Foundation to provide financial aid for students of diverse backgrounds.