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2D Art

Our 2D Studio Art courses teach the "language" of visual thought and expression using a variety of techniques, materials, and mediums. Students produce drawings, paintings, and prints with a focus on the fundamentals of composition, design, color theory, modeling of form, and the illusionistic creation of space. 


Six AP artists' created installations for the 2018 “Psychedelic Robot” art event, a 10-day pop-up immersive art show in Dallas. 

Learn more here. 


Early Childhood students learn about famous artists and recreate their works, exploring new techniques and mediums. 

Students learned about artists like Beatriz Milhazes (pictured), Tingatinga, Basquiat, and many more throughout the year.


Eight members of the Class of 2019 were invited to showcase their works at the Dallas Young Artist Exhibition presented by Blue Print Gallery. This exhibition showcased Dallas' top high school artists across mediums.

Learn more about these artists here. 


An essential part of the 2D curriculum in Middle School is the study of portraits. Students begin building out their portraits proportionally before the color mixing process starts.


In the Women of Art Club, students learned about prominent female artists and tried their hand at recreating some of their famous works. 

Families then celebrated these artists at a special showcase of their semester-long projects. 

Teaching our youngest learners about the arts is important because it helps build fine motor skills, develop problem solving and critical thinking, and provides opportunities to learn about various cultures, to expand their creativity, and to build confidence.- Amber Stautzenberger, Early Childhood Art Teacher

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