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Students are formally introduced to basic technique training beginning in fifth grade, but our Lower School students begin moving in Beginner music classes. Students explore dance styles such as ballet, modern, and jazz, as well as the history of dance that culminate in showcase performances. 


Our students are introduced classical technique training and the history of dance in Middle School. 

Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents at performances like "Arts in Motion," an interactive performance that takes place at different locations through campus.


Students learn a variety of dance styles, including ballet, jazz, and hip-hop, throughout their Middle and Upper School dance courses. 

Our youngest learners are often exposed to different styles of dance through their yearly musicals


We encourage students to showcase their talents at several regional events throughout the year, such as the Independent Schools Arts Festival (ISAS) each spring.

ESD is excited to host ISAS in 2021. 


Our Middle and Upper School students often perform together. Each year, students come together for holiday performances both on and off campus.

Students come out of their shells in this class. It's a safe space for them to find their skill set and
learn what they enjoy. As we discover that together, the students can thrive.