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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Choir classes focus on making music together with the best choral sound possible.

Students learn to sing both in unison and in harmony, develop fluency in sight reading, and often sing songs in other languages. We also encourage students to audition for location All-Region and All-State choirs.

Students get to partake in choir classes throughout their lower school years. The lessons they learn in choir translate into their magnificent musical productions each grade puts on every year.

Additionally, Fourth Grade Singers, a choir club, is one of the lower school's most popular clubs!

Upper school students are encouraged to participate in the Texas Private School Music Educators Association (TPSMEA) All-Region and All-State auditions.

Last year, 16 upper school students earned spots in All-Region Choir and seven qualified for All-State.

Last year, ESD hosted its first All-School Choir performance for the community. Choirs from lower, middle, and upper school joined together for the spectacular show, which was held outside on Stoffel Commons.

Sparking wonder through songs, poems, dances, and instruments is how elementary children stay engaged in music class weekly.- Rebecca Bryan, Elementary Music Teacher