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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Art was my first love. As a young girl, I did all the drawing, doodling, painting, and crafting that my little hands could manage. We even turned part of my father’s office into an “art room” for my brother and I to learn to create. As I have grown older, photography has become my art form of choice since. I remember bringing my iPod Touch on road trips in lower and middle school, using the corny filters that the apps of the time had to offer. I enjoyed playing artists. Little did I know that today, I would be writing an artist statement about my work for an AP Art Show.

I call my body of work Facades of the Self. In my series of self portraits, I have dressed up as different characters that are loosely based on adaptations of my personality. In costume, I express different emotions and try to create visually interesting situations that have a story behind them. Perhaps a character waiting to be written about or telling her own narrative with her eyes. Each portrait is stylistically different and ranges a lot in what I wear and how I express myself. 

All of my portraits were shot on a Hasselblad medium format film camera. Some are in color, while others are in black and white, creating a fun variety to the body of work. Printing in the darkroom and taking pictures on a manual film camera are both very difficult yet satisfying.

I lost more rolls of film this year to the tedious process and tiny mistakes than I would like to admit. But I believe that this process helps to discipline myself, and to be more careful in my artwork. 

As far as the pictures themselves, I like to let them speak for themselves. After all, this is photography, and visual art must tell its own story.

From Intro to Photography to AP, Lily has put a permanent stamp on ESD’s photo program. Lily’s curiosity and “love for life” spirit gives her photographs interesting narratives that can only be created by her. Lily is a huge observer of life and people. She constantly asks questions about anything and everything. This kind of observation and wonder cultivated a wonderful artist who stands out from the crowd. I am proud of the photographer she has become in the last four years.
- George Fiala, AP Photography Teacher

Girl in Red

I took this picture on a medium format film camera, in color. It was taken in Clay County, Texas.

Six String Sailing

The Fender Stratocaster is an American classic, and my electric of choice. This is one of my favorite self portraits of the year.

A Wrench in Your Plans

So one day, I put on a ton of makeup. I put a wig on. I put a dress on. I was feeling a little off that day, and I needed some form of expression. I decided to snap a picture. And this is how it turned out.


No description provided by artist.


This photo is not part of my narrative, yet I chose to hang it in the gallery anyway. This is one of my favorite photos I have taken so far, especially since I took it so early in my photography career.

Little Ones

These are my long lost baby cousins from my family reunion! I don’t know how I am related to them, but somehow I am. So that’s cool.


No description provided by artist.

My Brother's Sister

My brother was oh so grumpy making this. He wanted nothing to do with it! But I needed him.


No description provided by artist.