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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Throughout my time at ESD, art has always been an active part of my education and growth as a student, continuously being both a creative and mental outlet. Beginning with Mrs. R in the lower school with pottery and painting. Ms. Martin in middle school and her after-school art class starting what I consider my love for art, and Ms. Chambliss and Mr. Negroni in High school refining that passion.

My junior year, I had begun taking AP 2D Art and Design. I had struggled to adjust to the AP art structure and to choose a concentration, but in the end, settled on a concentration I would love and would be passionate about. Space was something I had always loved to learn about and imagine, so my junior year concentration focused around that, with many of my pieces being different interpretations and perspectives of space. 

With senior year and my last year at ESD rolling around, I began to look back on my art and growth as an artist. Cherishing the skills and techniques I have been taught and exposed to along the way by my teachers and fellow classmates. While I’m planning on  going to college for other things, I hope to continue participating in the arts and making and using it as a creative and emotional outlet.

Jack’s graphic imagery is clean and precise. He takes time to consider the Elements of Art and Principles of Design to always result in tasteful and poetic images. Calm representations of hypothetical places invites us into worlds of endless possibilities.
- Juan Negroni, AP Studio Art Teacher


Jupiter is one of the first pieces from my junior year space sustained investigation. Comparing the size of our home planet and many others with our largest planet Jupiter.


Titan is the first piece from my junior year sustained investigation. An acrylic depiction of Saturn from the view of one of its moons, Titan. Containing Dune-esque peaks, valleys and theorized methane rivers and oceans.


This is a mixed media work from the beginning of my senior year. Containing a watercolor skyline painting and paper stripes mirroring the city behind it.


An acrylic piece and part of my junior year concentration representing the change from our Earth’s atmosphere into space.

Heat Map

A self portrait made from hundreds of different color lines. With inspiration from a heat map and using those colors to show shadows and highlights on my face.