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I began my first semester of Sculpture as a sophomore with very little experience and knowledge of the art form. I joined for the purpose of completing my art credits, but after my first day of Intro to Sculpture, I knew I wanted to continue Sculpture for the rest of my high school career.

As a sophomore, I was amazed at the art that Mr. Larsen’s AP students created and instantly had a desire to improve my artistic abilities. I look forward to Sculpture every day because it was a place where I didn’t have to worry about the world around me for 60 minutes. I love how sculpting is a healthy outlet where at the end of the day, I have something unique and special. 

My first semester of sophomore year, I learned the fundamentals of sculpture in my Intro class. The following semester I chose to continue and enroll in Sculpture I. In Sculpture I, I primarily worked on my Bento Box inspired by Joseph Cornell, where I was taught how to utilize Sketch-Up to estimate wood measurements. I then constructed a wooden box and mimicked Asian foods using clay and polyurethane. In Sculpture II during my junior year, I created a copper knot piece by soldering. This year in my AP course, I decided to focus my theme on human features. My hand piece was made with hydrocal and painted with an airbrush. In addition, I constructed a lip piece using papier-mâché and collage cut-outs from fashion magazines. I am now working on an eyeball piece. I decided to focus my portfolio on human features to highlight the small beauties of human beings while having a story behind each piece.

My experience in Mr. Larsen’s classroom has positively impacted not only my ESD experience, but my life. Even if I don’t continue sculpture in college, I will use these newfound artistic skills for the rest of my life. I have learned highly valuable lessons and skills that I would never learn anywhere outside of F108. I am blessed to be a part of the sculpture program at ESD, and I am beyond excited to display my work in the art show.

Ally uses surface as the site of both discourse and interrogation. By carefully manipulating the outward qualities of her forms, she asks us to confront issues of race, beauty, and the moral challenge of being a viewer.
- Dane Larsen, AP Sculpture Teacher

Bento Box

My second semester of sophomore year I took Sculpture I where I created my Bento Box inspired by Joseph Cornell. Utilizing the online software SketchUp, I found the measurements I needed to assemble the wood to create a box. After assembling the wood, I carefully painted the red and black colors to resemble a bento box.

The noodles were formed from clay and paint after it was taken out of the kiln. For the sushi, I purchased real sushi to make a silicone mold and I poured polyurethane to create the realistic sushi shape. I then carefully painted the polyurethane to resemble a California roll. The chopsticks were formed from sanding wood, and the wasabi was epoxy with chopped fiberglass and green die. The last square in the box was the fruit, where I made plaster balls to resemble dragon fruit and polyurethane to resemble pomegranate seeds.


My next piece is a copper piece called Tricky. I sculpted this piece my junior year. I did not have a precise plan with this piece, rather I sculpted as I progressed. This way there was no order and that it is more chaotic makes it like a complicated puzzle you’re trying to solve when looking at it. Using the skill of soldering and several copper pieces, I formulated this Tricky piece.


Next is a piece I made this year in AP Sculpture. I used a silicone mold of my own hands to create a plaster hand-holding shape. I then learned the skill of airbrush, which took me a while to master. I had to carefully mix pigments to make skin colors that resemble a real hand. I also made the shadows a darker shade, the lights a lighter shade, etc. Eventually the piece was able to come out looking as it’s two different people’s hands. Then I used nail polish to paint the nails. I loved making this piece because airbrushing is an interesting and unique skill to master.

My piece titled, Friends represents racial unity during this time of protests and brutality. My AP portfolio is focused on human features, so I came to the assumption that united hands would best portray that message.

Mass Materialism

My second AP piece is a papier-mâché sculpture titled Mass Materialism. I constructed this piece by scrunching up old newspaper and sticking it to each other with wheatpaste. Then I added flat layers of newspaper on top to make a smoother surface. Next I painted the piece pink and attached the two lips together with nails. The most challenging part was browsing through fashion magazines, selecting which pages would look best together. I had to put the fashion logos together like a puzzle, which was harder than it looks.

This sculpture symbolizes how people overspend their money on materialistic things so others can perceive them differently. The lips represent how some people can ramble about their wealth and materialism too often.