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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Beginning ESD as a sophomore in high school, it was also my first year of studio art. Prior to attending ESD, I took ceramics, but within my first year of studio art I fell in love with it and the way it felt to produce intricate work on paper with colors and meaning. Since I am only in my third year of art and had only a little bit of experimentation with it before I came to ESD, I am still learning. Although my skills are still developing, I have found my own voice through my work and a style that I enjoy pursuing.

Usually using color pencil, I have created pieces that embody emotions through the use of color and how powerful it can be. Junior year I created the piece Contour, which started my exploration of hands and connecting them to the people who are most important to me and what they do with their hands daily. When creating this piece that sparked my interest, I was drawn in by the idea that behind our hands and through observation of what someone does with their hands, you learn more about them than you would think. Thus began my introduction to my senior portfolio, which consists of vibrant hands and the meaning behind them.

Although the majority of my art this year has revolved around this hand theme using colored pencil, I am excited to work further with different mediums such as paint, watercolor, and oil pastels. This hand exploration has brought me the freedom to experiment with colors, and mixed media creative backgrounds, something that I have cherished about my portfolio. I am only on my third year of my studio art journey and I am excited to have so much ahead of me to learn and develop as an artist.

Alexandra’s pieces are physiologic homages to the people she knows and cares about. An unlikely encounter between Pop Art and Michelangelo's Hands of God and Adam makes her work flexible in meaning and universal.
- Juan Negroni, AP Studio Art Teacher


Foliole is a piece that I created my junior year with watercolor, using a special technique to achieve the blotched-looking background. I more frequently use colored pencil for my pieces, so any type of paint was fairly new to me. After getting the hang of the watercolor I came to really enjoy working with it and hope to use it more in the future.


Raney is a piece that I created my senior year that represents my sister and her field of work. She diagnoses young children who struggle with depression, along with other mental health issues. Following my theme of hands and all they represent, I use colors to display feelings and emotions. I like the way the colors in this piece contrast yet flow together.


LeDee is a piece I created my senior year that embodies my mom. It is mixed media and uses color pencil along with collage. Continuing to follow my theme of hands and the colors that they represent along with all they do, I made them yellow. Yellow represents the positive energy that my mom constitutes. I like the collaging approach I took to the book in her hands.


Contour is a piece that I created my junior year that is my favorite of all the others. It began my interest and investigation with hands and the emotions connected to them. I used white pencil on black paper to highlight the hands and how in the drawing it looks like they have a mind of their own. This piece allowed my concentration to evolve into what it is now.


Elinor is a piece that I made my senior year that represents my sister Elinor. She is an artist, and using a collaging technique, I used her current pieces as the background to guide her hand. The colors and dimensions within the hand are specifically to capture the essence of what she means to me. I like the subtle theme of blue throughout the piece and found in her own work in the back.