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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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  We love how welcoming the community is and how everyone can be themselves. Our children feel like they can take safe risks and if they fail, they know they will grow and learn from it.

The Chazanow Family

Jen and Mark Chazanow, Upper School Parents

Hear why Jen and Mark chose ESD for their sons, Ross '20 and Chase '23.

Why did your family choose ESD?

Mark: We were looking for a smaller and warmer environment for our children than they were experiencing in public school. Our goal was to get them the best academic preparation for college.
Jen: I went to a private school and know the value of a good education, and I knew that ESD would provide our children with that. Our children felt the most comfortable and welcomed at ESD.
Ross: The tight-knit family-like community was very apparent on my visit. More challenging academics and more competitive sports were a big plus in my decision making. 

Chase: ESD has much smaller class sizes versus public school which is a better learning environment for me.


What did the decision-making process look like for your family? What stood out about ESD?

Mark: During our visit, we noticed all of the smiling students and the interactive learning environment. We evaluated ESD against all of the other private schools and thought ESD was the best fit for our kids.  
Jen: We wanted our children to be in an environment that was the right fit for them and ESD was that school.
Ross and Chase: We decided as a family which school was right for us. We felt very confident in ESD and the education we would receive there.


Why do you stay at ESD?

Mark: We have grown to love the community and our entire family feels a certain acceptance there.
Jen: We see Ross and Chase thriving at ESD, academically, socially, and with sports. 
Ross: I love the community here and the friends I have made.


What does your child love about ESD? What do you love about ESD?

Jen: We love how welcoming the community is and how everyone can be themselves. Our children feel like they can take safe risks and if they fail, they know they will grow and learn from it.
Ross: I love that I can be myself. I feel challenged in school and know that if I need help the teachers are there to support me. I have friends that I know I will be friends with for a long time.


What do you value in education for your child?

Mark: Honesty, integrity, and respect for others.
Jen: That with the right tools our children will be prepared in life and know right from wrong. They will be confident, caring, and respectful individuals.
Chase: Teacher involvement and encouragement.

Ross: Being prepared for the real world. 


Why has your family prioritized and invested in a co-ed college preparatory school?

Mark: It is was important for our children to learn how to work together with all types of people.
Jen: We wanted our children to have the socialization and distractions of a co-ed college preparatory school so that they would be well-prepared for college and life in general.

What do you hope your child will get out of an ESD education?

Mark: Our children will have well-rounded skills to deal with college and the real world.

Jen: Our children will feel confident that they can face the challenges ahead of them.


What’s the biggest difference or change you’ve seen in your child since they started at ESD?

Mark: I have noticed that my children have overall been very happy and much more confident. 
Jen: I love that they feel accepted just being themselves. Ross feels more confident in his school work and has learned to ask for help when he needs it.
Ross: I think there has been a major improvement in my communication skills.

How would you describe an “ESD Eagle”?

Mark: Proud identity.
Jen: Diverse and proud to be part of the ESD community.
Chase: Comfortable with their self-identity.


What is your favorite ESD memory as a parent/guardian?

Mark and Jen: Watching Ross's team winning the Lacrosse State Championship and being part of such a tight-knit community! Seeing that all the dedication and hardworking paid off was a huge moment.
Ross: Definitely winning State and being part of the team. I will cherish those memories forever.