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Bring Your Own Device

Learn more about the Upper School Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy below.

Q: What is BYOD and why has ESD adopted a BYOD program?

A: Establishing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program facilitates classroom learning by allowing students to use their own devices and enables them to further develop the essential skills of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. A BYOD program allows for more self-directed learning and helps prepare our ESD students to be productive, informed citizens and lifelong learners. The BYOD program allows ESD to be more flexible with emerging technology and not restrict our students and teachers to a specific device.

Click here to learn about the minimum device requirements and view FAQs.

Q: How is ESD supporting students in developing responsible digital citizenship?

A: ESD teachers are implementing digital citizenship lessons from Common Sense Media and other sources to encourage responsible technology usage. Each year, ESD applies for Common Sense Signature School status and has been recognized as such for the past several years.

Q: Will the devices be used in every class every day?

A: Computing devices are excellent tools to use in a learning environment, but are not the only tools available for teachers to provide instruction at a high level. While students will be required to bring their device to school fully charged every day, it is entirely at the teacher’s discretion whether or not technology is used in his or her classroom on a given day. In our experience, students will use these devices for communication, schoolwork, and collaboration throughout the day. Our Learning Management System, Schoology, is used on a daily basis and students can view assignments, resources, and feedback. (Online grades and feedback for students in grades 5-12 are also available to parents in Schoology.)

Q: Will I need to buy my student a new computer?

A: Upper School students can bring a device of their choice, as long as it meets the minimum requirements. Expectations are that minimum requirements can be met with a $500 investment, should a student need to purchase his/her device. The school will provide financial support for this policy where appropriate.  

Click here to learn about the minimum device requirements and view FAQs.