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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Upper School Health and Physical Education

An education of athletics and wellness goes beyond the athletic field--it is a set of values and guidelines to live by that ensure a healthy lifestyle. These values such as nutrition, physical health, and mental and spiritual well-being are instilled in the classroom, at the lunch table, and even at home. It is our goal that through athletic participation, with an emphasis on teamwork, unity, and commitment, we will prepare students to achieve optimal wellness for today and tomorrow.

To meet your child's teacher, please click on the "Video" link found underneath the photo.

Please note, some teachers teach multiple subjects. After clicking the video link, you may need to scroll to find your child's subject.

Davis Felder '06

Davis Felder '06

Assistant Director of Outdoor Education
Bachelor of Arts in History, Texas Christian University
Mike Schneider

Mike Schneider

Physical Education Department Chair and Softball Program Director, Director of Summer Programs, Ninth and Tenth Grade Advisor
Bachelor of Science, College of William and Mary
Master of Science, East Texas State University