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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Global Competency

Students gather around a world map to discuss global competency.

I am preparing lives that will go out from the classroom, reach out to the community, and stand out in the world. - ESD Manifesto

Specific definitions for global competency vary considerably in their scope and emphases; however, they generally share a set of common themes. As with most 21st century skills or outcomes, global competency begins with a (1) foundation of knowledge and awareness, coupled with (2) appropriate skills, that develops into (3) understanding and appreciation, and leads to (4) a disposition to act on significant global issues.

Global issues, geography, language, culture, and history are interwoven throughout classes at all grade levels at ESD. We believe in exploring and embracing the cultures of countries around the globe in order to encourage our students to become citizens of the world. ESD enjoys a deep and meaningful partnership with our sister school, Joseph and Mary Primary School, in Tanzania. Programs like Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder provide eye-opening experiences to further enhance students’ global competency.

Global Competency News and Posts

Eagles Around the World


Over the Thanksgiving break, seven ESD students traveled to Costa Rica to build Homes of Hope alongside Middle School science teacher Ellen Neill.

Homes for Hope is an international organization dedicated to "bringing hope to thousands of impoverished families."

ESD has participated in this service project three years and counting.


Through ESD's partnership with the Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder Global Schools Coalition, students learn first-hand about different cultures and communities while partnering with local organizations to make an impact on the community they are serving.

Students have visited Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia, and beyond.

Since creating the partnership in 2011, ESD has sent approximately 50 students and five teachers to communities both domestic and abroad.


Last August, 10 ESD educators traveled to Tanzania for an incredible professional development opportunity with our sister school, the Joseph and Mary Primary School.

What began as a simple letter and occasional video exchange between the Middle School World Affairs club students and sixth-grade Middle School science students grew into a more significant partnership, with multiple classes and divisions sharing learning experiences with our friends in subequatorial Africa.


To Stand Out in the World

Echoing the final stanza of ESD’s Manifesto in both structure and intent, this article offers examples of how our teachers strive to "go out from the classroom" to enhance powerful lessons about the world, its people, and its cultures. Next, it presents some of our efforts to provide students with opportunities "reach out to the community" working side by side with local students from diverse backgrounds. Finally, the article offers way we ensure that all ESD students can "stand out in the world" and develop their awareness, knowledge, and skills.  

Inspiring are the students themselves describing how global programming at ESD transforms the way they see their place in the world.

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Inspiration and Innovation Meet at the Water’s Edge

The past four years, ESD has partnered with The Joseph and Mary Primary School in Kitongo, Tanzania, managed and operated by MainSprings, a Tulsa-based nonprofit. What began as a simple letter and video exchange between the Middle School World Affairs club and sixth-grade science classes has grown into a partnership that touches all three divisions of our school.

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Global Competency Council

The Global Competency Council (GCC) consists of twelve teachers from across all three divisions who are passionate about global affairs and committed to developing a global competence within the members of the ESD community. For more information, please contact Lindsey Cullins