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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Keri Scholtz Hall '87 Convocation

The Eagle Laureate Dinner honors The Episcopal School of Dallas’ exemplary faculty and staff and gives ESD Alumni an opportunity to continue to thank our faculty and staff members for their time, dedication and commitment to our school. Those who have served ESD for 20 or more years are inducted into the Keri Scholtz Hall '87 Convocation.

To date, 110 faculty and staff members have been inducted into the Keri Scholtz Hall '87 Convocation. Additionally, the Alumni Association celebrate recipients of the Inspirit Accolade. This honor recognizes up to four individuals who have perpetuated the Founding Tenets of The Episcopal School of Dallas, while profoundly impacting the lives of countless students both inside and outside the classroom.


Marie Agnew

Diane Allen

Julie Allen

Eleanor Arnold

David Azzi

Bryan Barnett '00

Mary Bickley

Elaine Biewenga

Nancy Bloede

Dan Boatwright

Sylvia Bogard

Kris Brockhagen

Janece Bueche

Ruth Burke
Kristi Cardwell

Suzette Carona

Suzie Wheeler Cary

Mitzi Cleaver*

Robbie Cook

Bill Cook

Tim Couch

Gayle Cramer

Elmira Cranfill

Gregory Crook

Jo Crowder*

Katharine Deem

Julia Diffily


Clink Dolittle*

Sandy Donaldson*

Eddie Eason
Dawn Eatherly

Connie Elms

Ima Few

Nancy Fomby

Angela Fritsen
John Gallo
Mark Gardner

Karen Ginsberg

Scott Goetsch
Chris Gonzales

Deb Goudy

Linda Hahn

Lee Hammons*

Lynn Harnden

Tanya Harris

Janis Hefley-Fontana

Jan Herbst

Fran Hillyer

Hilary Hodgson

Nancy Holder

Peggy Holloway

Ruth Howell
Mercedes Hotz

Billye Johnston

Joanne Jones

Peggy Kershaw*

Scott Kimball

Jeff Laba

Elizabeth Lang

Vera Lawrence*

Patty Long

Peter Lutken

Betty Maberry

Vikki Martin

Linda McSwain

Barbara Meier*

Marta Milian

Elsie Monette*

Christi Morrow

Claire Mrozek
Mark Mrozek
Ellen Neill

Alice Olsen

Vicki Patterson

Cindy Ragan
Greg Randall

Michelle Randall

Carolyn Reed

Jana Reed

Rebecca Royall

Doris Sampson

Courtney Sands

Eva Saavedra
Mike Schneider

Jill Simpson

Norma Simpson

Andrea Sipes*

Zora Skelton

Dolly Smith

Joe Snyder

Martha Solomon*

Manuel Soto

Karen Stutsman

John Swafford

Stephen B. Swann*

Jorita Symington

Charlene Temples*

Laurie Thornton

Bonnie Tollefson

David Tollison

Marion Underwood*

Dona Upton*

Tina Warren
Jennifer Washington

Susie Waters

Doneta Weatherly

Susan Hurd Weil

Tommy Whitlock

Marnie Wildenthal

Sarah Wilder

Bold denotes Inspirit Accolade Honoree
* denotes deceased inductees

Gold denotes current members of ESD's faculty and staff.