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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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I am The Episcopal School of Dallas and I am igniting lives of purpose. - ESD Manifesto

The Episcopal School of Dallas is an academic community where excellence is the standard. Our college preparatory curriculum, led by a nationally-recognized faculty, is complemented by a full array of artistic and athletic programs, daily chapel, experiences in the outdoors, and a myriad of opportunities to lead and serve others. ESD’s unparalleled balance of rigor and nurture inspires students to maximize their potential and live a life of purpose.




Here's what the Class of 2019 said of their ESD Experience.

“ESD was an incredible place for me to grow up. I learned countless lessons, but most importantly ESD was a place that I truly looked forward to going to each day, something I think very few people could say about their school.”
–Clayton Mulford, UNC '23

“Our teachers are passionate and hardworking. They genuinely care about us and are willing to spend time outside of class to help us.”
–Grace Boyd, Dartmouth '23

“Best decision of my life to come to ESD!”
–Jay Browne, Stanford '23

"I will miss ESD dearly. The friends I have made will last a lifetime, and the connections with teachers and resources the school has provided will benefit my future outside of the school greatly." 
–Adam Bland, Hendrix '23

"My teachers have made such an impact on my high school experience. They have given me confidence in my abilities and become people I can confide in or rant to. I can't begin to list the teachers who have impacted my life and I hope to stay in touch with them always." 
–Allison Herring, Texas A&M '23

“ESD has been an amazing place to grow up and I can’t imagine going anywhere else! I am going to miss my home away from home :)”
–Sydney Rezaie, UT Austin '23

"There are a lot of statistics about what this grade has accomplished. But more than any of those stats, the most impressive thing about this grade is impossible to measure. Throughout all of these academic, athletic, and extracurricular accomplishments, we’ve all stayed true to who we are. We’ve made a concerted effort to try and stay together as one group – the class of two thousand and nineteen."
–Cooper Newsom, Yale '23

“I have so appreciated our sense of community. I’ve felt that I’ve been able to maintain both a personal and professional relationship with every teacher I’ve had, and that has meant a lot.”
–William Hargrave, Sewanee '23

“I have had so many teachers make a lasting impression on me. Some have inspired me to try new things while others have helped me cement the things I knew to be true about myself. Each and every teacher here has in some way shaped me into who I am. ESD has been the most caring place I could have ever been.”
–Taezja Phelan, SMU '23


The Episcopal School of Dallas offers an array of transformative experiences that foster the pursuit of academic excellence within a strong, supportive community that recognizes individual talents and develops the moral compass of each student towards confidence in self and appreciation and respect for others.

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The Hallmarks of an ESD Education


The Episcopal School of Dallas was founded in 1974 by The Reverend Canon Stephen B. Swann and community leaders.

On the first day of school ever, Father Swann, two teachers, and 11 seventh graders traveled to Galveston. As they sat around a campfire, they spoke of the importance of community, honor, and integrity. The traditions that began that day - of outdoor education, community, and equality around the campfire - continue today. The founding belief that every child is made in the image of a loving God remains paramount to all that we do.

In the video below, Father Swann discusses ESD's beginning. Sitting around him in All Saints Chapel are students who are children of alumni. 


Our Founding Tenets

The Founding Tenets of The Episcopal School of Dallas were created simultaneously with the original Mission Statement. These Tenets provide the structure that enables the faculty, staff, and students to work and study in a faith-centered environment.


What's Going On at ESD?