A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12
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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

THE ESD EXPERIENCE: Student Ambassadors

This blog is written by our students. We think they are top notch! Here they share the ESD Experience in their own words.

Beautiful Day For Class Outside

Student Author: Sarah Kate Massey '18

Since today was such a beautiful day, my English class read The Great Gatsby outside next to the quarry! My whole class really enjoys this book and enjoying the nice day while reading a classic made for a great class.

Posted by carrollm in Upper School on Wednesday March 8
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Primer Celebrates 101st Day of School

Student Authors: ESD Primer Students

We celebrated the 101st day of school today! We got to dress up as 101 dalmatians, have snacks in dog bowls and choose our own puppy name!

Posted by carrollm in Lower School on Friday February 17 at 04:01PM
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Kindergarten Loves Friendship

Student Authors: ESD Kindergarten Students

To ESD Kindergarten students, Valentine's Day means... friendship and love!


Posted by carrollm in Lower School on Tuesday February 14
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AP Art Awards Reception

Student Author: Reese Vandeven '17

Every year, Seniors that have been involved in some form of AP Art have a show and reception in the Frank building. I went to my first show as a Freshman and have watched students before me present their work. It was surreal that I was a part of my own, ELEVATE this year. Each of us presented some of our portfolios that demonstrated how we have grown as artists and our journey at ESD. Being able to share our hard work with friends, family, and each other, made the time we devoted well worth it. What will be one of the saddest parts about leaving ESD will be not being a part of such an incredible fine arts program anymore! 

Posted by carrollm in Upper School on Wednesday February 8
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Girls Basketball Senior Night

Student Author: Sydney Helbing '17

This is a picture of Me and Charlotte North on basketball senior night! We play all three sports together and have even been playing basketball together since 2nd grade. We're the only two seniors and captains this year. Senior night was really sad because it's our last basketball season together ever. Except we did play Hockaday and beat them which is always fun!

Posted by carrollm in Upper School on Friday February 3 at 10:27AM
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Local Elementary School Service

Student Authors: Biz Newsom '20 and Sydney Helbing '17

Today, I went to Stephen Foster Elementary, ESD's sister school, with my class and we were put into 4th grade classrooms.  We read "The Lorax" to the students and then did an arts and crafts project about the book.  I had so much fun and look forward to going back!

Este es Rivas y yo a la Foster Elementary. We are in Spanish 5 and go to the elementary school every day 6 and teach los estudiantes!! They are so cute and we are building a relationship with them which is really cool. We help them with their English by grading their work, reading them books, and other fun things. Nos gusta foster elementary!!!


Posted by carrollm in Upper School on Friday February 3 at 10:20AM
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Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit

Student Author: Tommy Hessel '17

The program I went on is called Envision: Presidential Inaugural Leadership Summit. It hosted 2,500 students and had several prominent speakers like Carly Fiorina, Colin Powell, Martin O'Malley, and Abby Wambach to name a few.

Even though inaugurations are not a once in a lifetime events, and the procedures governing them rarely change, no inauguration is ever the same. This year's inauguration was a testament to that distinctiveness. The swearing in brought together people from all over the nation, and this inauguration more so than usual, was representative of the entire U.S., not just the urban city centers and suburbs, but the actual rural whole of America (especially seen through the amount of camo outerwear). Regardless of ideas being shared and positions taken, one could feel multiple levels of American society represented within the crowd just waiting to see the historic and peaceful exchange of power that has made the United States the nation it is today. In the words of the president, I do hope that these next four years will hold more power in the hands of the people.

Posted by carrollm in Upper School on Wednesday January 25
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Presidential Inauguration

Student Author: Peyton Jeter '18 and Mason Gosslee '19

We had a special schedule today to allow students to gather around to watch the presidential inauguration. We are all so excited to see this historical event unfold.

With the inauguration of Donald Trump, the school gathered in the commons to listen to the speech and view an interesting and monumental part of history.

Posted by carrollm in Upper School on Friday January 20
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Senior Rally Day 80's Style

Student Authors: Savannah Crow '17, Sydney Helbing '17 and Holmes Davis '17

Once a month, we celebrate the Senior birthdays by having a themed Rally Day. Today was 80's themed and we had yummy pasta, a fun photobooth, raffles and more! It's a fun tradition we look forward to each month!

Posted by carrollm in Upper School on Thursday January 19
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Swiss Semester Recap

Student Author: John Heldman '19

Well, I’m finally home from the best three months of my life. It’s hard to fit the full experience of Swiss Semester into anything less than a book, but in short it was the experience of a lifetime that has shaped me and will continue to impact me for the rest of my life. From September 8th to December 8th, I was able to make life long friends, and do things most people never have a chance to do. We did everything including: hiking, rock climbing, skiing, ice climbing, helicopter rides, summit ascents, biking, international travel, much more, and occasionally a little school. It was an absolutely incredible experience that ESD was able to offer to me, and I will never forget the friends I made, the fun I had, or the lessons I learned.

Posted by carrollm in Upper School on Wednesday January 18
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